Mobile Notifications

Our mobile communication platform allows your business to communicate directly to your customers via their mobile device.

  • Notify them of an upcoming delivery
  • Remind them of a scheduled appointment
  • Alert them that their table is ready
  • These are only a few…

Mobile Reviews

Now more than ever it is imperative that your business have positive local reviews highlighting the great service you provide your customers. With our mobile communication platform your customers will be directed to leave positive feedback on the most popular review and social media sites. If service was not up to standard, you will be notified immediately giving you the ability to address their concerns.

Mobile Transformation

Let’s face it, if your online presence is not mobile friendly then you are losing customers. More than 65 percent of all online traffic is done from a mobile device. Below are just a few of the services we offer to assist you in your transition.

  • Mobile technology & online assessment
  • Review / rewrite website content
  • Upgrade online photography

Increased Exposure / Enhanced Interaction

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